Our Members

Fact:  Across the west, new job growth was almost entirely in service industries such as healthcare, real estate, high-tech, and finance & insurance, which created 19.3 million net new jobs.  Many of them high-paying

Executive Business Members:
Those with more than 5 employees

Lance Trebesch, Bozeman/Harlowton
CEO, Ticket River & TicketPrinting.com 
KC Walsh, Bozeman 
President, Simms Fishing Products 

Mike Beltz, Missoula
VP of Marketing & Sales, GCS Research 
Ed Surbrugg, Helena
Operations Manager, Tetra Tech

Reed Gregerson, Whitefish
President & Founder, The ZaneRay Group
Orion Thornton, Bozeman
Owner, Onsite Energy, Inc.

Ryan Hansen, Missoula
CEO, LumenAd
Spencer Williams, Bozeman
Owner & CEO, West Paw Design

Alexa Calio, Livingston/Bozeman
Owner, Refuge Sustainable Business Center
Chris Pope, Bozeman
Broker, ERA Landmark Real Estate

Jeff Welch, Bozeman
Owner, Mercury CSC
Diane Bristol, Bozeman
Director of Marketing, Brand Management & Service, Simms Fishing Products

Josh Spitzer, Bozeman
CEO, Schedulicity
Paul Marshall, Missoula
Owner, Draught Works Brewery

John Frandsen, Whitefish
Chief Product Officer, Old Town Creative
Daren Nordhagen, Bozeman
President, Foundant Technologies

Jeff Batton, Bozeman
Principal, Greenstone Growth Partners
Dan Austin, Billings
Owner & Director, Austin-Lehman Adventures

Tim Tripp, Bozeman
CFO, Oboz Footwear
Michael Fitzgerald, Missoula
Founder, Submittable

James Stephens, Missoula
Co-Founder, Blue Marble Biomaterials
Casey McGowan, Billings
Owner, Trailhead Spirits

David Thompson, Bozeman
Principal, Brickhouse Creative
Jim Klug, Bozeman
Director of Operations,
Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures

Dan Vermillion, Livingston
Owner, Sweetwater Travel Company
Sarah Calhoun, White Sulphur Springs
Owner, Red Ants Pants

Ryan Holm, Bozeman
Marketing Manager, Mystery Ranch
Michael Sanderson, Bozeman/Billings
President/CEO, Sanderson Stewart

Robert Keith, Bozeman
Principal, Beartooth Capital
Duke Elliott, Bozeman
Founding Partner, YesHaus

Christian James, Bozeman
Chief Operating Officer, Xcentric
Joe Garrett, Missoula
Co-Founder, Inteneo Systems

Kevin Davis, Missoula
President, Big Sky Commerce
David O’Connor, Big Sky
General Manager, Buck’s T-4 Lodge

Julie Osborn, Missoula
Advancement Director & Co-Founder,
Ecology Project International
Rob Pertzborn, Bozeman
Partner, Intrinsik Architecture

Anthony Krolcyzk, Missoula
Marketing & Sales Director, Omnibars
Mark Albrecht, Bozeman
Owner, Gallatin Veterinary Hospital

Dori Gilels, Missoula
Publisher & COO, Mamalode
Carl Borgquist, Bozeman
President, Absaroka Energy

Pete Strom, Bozeman
Owner, La Parilla, The Garage Soup Shack,
Powerhouse ICS
Randy Hafer, Billings
President & Co-owner, High Plains Architects

John Muhlfeld, Whitefish
Hydrologist/Principal, River Design Group
Todd Frank, Missoula
Owner, The Trail Head

Kevin Sloan, Bozeman
President, Sitka Gear
Ben Bulis, Bozeman
President, American Fly Fishing Trade Association

Justin Bigart, Bozeman
Founder, Wisetail
Cory Lawrence, Bozeman
CEO, Off the Beaten Path

Shannon Hughes, Bozeman
Co-Founder, Spur Studio
Peter Saunders, Kalispell
CEO, Unishippers of Montana

Neil Stuber, Whitefish
CEO, Co-Founder, Hurraw! Balm
Brad Van Wert, Bozeman
Owner/Partner, Harvest Solar

Giuseppe Caltabiano, Whitefish
President, NXGEN
Greg Findley, Bozeman
CEO, Detour Destinations

Mike England, Bozeman
Publisher, Outside Bozeman
Pete Roos, Bozeman
President & CEO, Bridger Photonics

Jennifer Ewan, Missoula
Counsel, TeraDact
Anne Marie Quinn, Bozeman
CEO, Montana Molecular

Brad Bunkers, Livingston
Founder/Art Director, Engine 8 Design
Brent Campbell, Missoula
President & CEO, WGM Group, Inc.

Gia Randono Fairchild, Missoula
Vice President, Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures
Jake Cook, Bozeman
Co-Founder, Tadpull

Alex Philp, Missoula
Founder & President, N-SITE LLC, Adelos, Inc.
Ryan Palma, Missoula
Owner, Sustainable Lumber Co.

Suresh Daniel, Missoula
Director & CEO, Rocky Mountain Biologicals
Kendra Lenhardt, Helena
Dir. of Clinic Business Operations, St. Peter’s Hospital

Jim Wingard, Missoula
Legal Director, Legal Atlas
Spider McKnight, Missoula
Owner, Six Pony Hitch

Matt Leow, Missoula
Director, Montana Brewers Association
Dennis Steinhauer, Bozeman
Founder, Archer Construction

Jim Boelter, Billings
VP of Operations, Arrow Solutions Group
Ron Hooper, Missoula
CEO, Neptune Aviation

Colin Davis, Emigrant
Owner, Chico Hot Springs Resort & Spa
Scott Brown, Billings
Owner, The Base Camp

LaNette Jones, Livingston
Owner, Katabatic Brewing
Eric Becker, Big Sky
Owner & President, Geyser Whitewater Expeditions and Yellowstone Aerial Adventures

Dale Sexton, Livingston
Owner, Timber Trails
Laura Fedro, Bozeman
Owner/Principal, Laura Fedro Interiors

Ken Sinay, Bozeman
Director/President, Yellowstone Safari Company
Nick Checota, Missoula
Owner/President, The Top Hat Lounge, The Wilma

Nicole Hagerman-Miller, Missoula
Managing Director, Biomimicry
Jim Holstein, Big Sky
President, Yellowstone Tour Guides

Jake Kreillick, Missoula
Co-Owner, Lake Missoula Tea Company
Alex Gallego, Missoula
Owner, Missoula Bicycle Works

Maggie Carr, Yve Bardwell, Choteau
Owners, Dropstone Outfitting
Jill & Shea Dawson, Billings
Owners, Thirsty Street Brewing Co.

Tim Uribe, Helena
Business Development Manager, KLJ Engineering

Endorsing Businesses & Organizational Supporters:
Those with fewer than 5 employees, and non-profits

Jesse Brown, Bozeman
President, Hyalite Custom Building
Jeff Reed, Paradise Valley
Owner, Rivers Bend Lodge

Ben Werner, Bozeman
Owner & CEO, Ignite Feedback
Bill Stoddart, Bozeman
Founder & Principal, Northfork Financial

Rebecca Morgan, Missoula
Owner, Spark it Up Creative
Dan Rice, Bozeman
President, Bozeman Reel Company

Liz Marchi, Polson
Fund Coordinator, Frontier Angel Fund
Richard Jarrett, Big Timber
Manager, Crazy Mountain Cattle Co.

John Halstvedt, Missoula
President, Recreational Business Partners
Steve McArthur, Missoula
Principle, McArthur Consulting

Jeff Milchen, Bozeman
Co-Director, American Independent Business Alliance
Kevin Montano, Bozeman
Owner, J&K Recyclers

Greg Seitz, Missoula
Owner, Hungry Beaver Timber
Campbell Gerrish, Bozeman
Owner, Stone Tiger Collective

Chieko Horn, Livingston
Marketing Director, Hopper Fishing
Shane Clouse, Missoula
Owner, Montana Wreaths

Chris Powell, Helena
Owner, Actify Media
Dave Hadden, Bigfork
Director, Headwaters Montana

Monte Dolack, Missoula
Owner, Monte Dolack Gallery

Jake Troyer, Helena
President, Sleeping Giant Communications
Will Casella, Belgrade
Owner, Phasmid Adventure Rentals

Aimee McQuilken, Missoula
Owner, Betty’s Divine
Natalie Van Dusen, Bozeman
Co-Founder, Treeline Coffee Roasters

Megan Eubank, Bozeman
Owner, Eubank Creative
Larry Shotland, Bozeman
Principal, Shotland Tax Consulting

Rose Quinn, Bozeman
Owner, Ridgeline Tech Design
Sam Magro, Bozeman
Owner, Montana Alpine Guides

Paul Reichert, Bozeman
Executive Director, Prospera Business Network
Paul Grigsby, Bozeman
Owner, Paul Grigsby PLLC

George Bauer, Billings
Special Projects Director,
Public Land/Water Access Assn.
Steve Cannon, Bozeman
Founder, pulseCHECKER

Garrett Munson, Helena
Owner, Montana Fishing Outfitters
Alex Philp, Missoula
Founder & CSO, Upstream Health Systems

Jerry O’Connell, Greenough
Executive Director, Big Blackfoot River Keeper, Inc.
Jake Cook, Bozeman
Owner, Tadpull

Russ Fletcher, Missoula
Founder, Montana Associated Technology Roundtables
Glenn Monahan, Bozeman
President/Founder, Missouri River Guides

Wendy Weaver, Bozeman
Executive Director, Montana Aquatic Resources Services
Mike Kalmanson, Bozeman

Alex Amonette, Big Timber
Principal, Sweetgrass Associates
Chris Bradley, Butte
President, The Stonefly Fly Shop

Mark Schurke, Bigfork
Owner, Base Camp Bigfork
Aaron Hyatt, Bozeman
Owner, MT Product Photography

Ray Pearson, Billings
President, Software Design Associates
Kate Ketschek, Big Sky
Owner, Revolution House Media

Blake Nicolazzo, Missoula
Founder, Bonfire Branding & Communications