Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

The Land & Water Conservation Fund is heralded as one of the most successful bipartisan conservation programs - that does not cost taxpayers a dime

The LWCF is widely considered the backbone of America's public lands policy, delivering nearly $6 billion in benefits to our outdoors, recreation and conservation projects in Montana alone since its inception. Our nation's most successful conservation program was permanently reauthorized through extensive collaborative work in early 2019.

This bipartisan program has provided investments for the Rocky Mountain Front to Glacier and Yellowstone, hundreds of fishing access sites, community parks and trails access and improvements across Montana.  

Our next phase of work to protect this program is full, dedicated funding. Without funding, LWCF does not work. It cannot fund the outdoor recreation needs and opportunities that drive our economy and support jobs and Montana communities.

Join us and let our leaders in Congress know that Montana jobs and our economy depends on saving this critical program; that reauthorization is not enough - full, dedicated funding is critical, and necessary.  View Montana business leaders speaking up on behalf of LWCF here.

LWCF Facts: 

  • The most successful and widely beneficial land and water conservation program that has provided funding for fishing access sites, trails, community parks, recreation hubs, and access through public land easements for the past 50 years

  • Needs commitment from Congress to achieve full and dedicated funding

  • Considered our biggest and most concerted effort to date, and will continue to take precedence until dedicated funding succeeds