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Ryan Palma, Sustainable Lumber Company & family

Ryan Palma, Sustainable Lumber Company & family

Ryan Palma, Sustainable Lumber Company & family

Ryan Palma, Sustainable Lumber Company & family

Tell us what your business does and how our public lands fit into your model for success?

Sustainable Lumber Co. is a flooring and wall paneling manufacture. 95% of our products leave the state, which in turn brings outside money back to Montana. We sell and ship factory direct anywhere in the U.S. I believe having access to all the public lands in Montana creates a happier and healthier work environment. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment, if you enjoy what you do and where you live, you’ll never work a day in your life again. 

What is the most significant benefit you see to lending a business voice to the conversation about the value of our outdoors?

People in the lumber industry are the biggest tree huggers around, we enjoy our forests as much or more than anyone. I hope that people realize we’re trying to help preserve our forests, not eliminate them. 


Yve Bardwell and Maggie Carr, co-owners of Dropstone Outfitting

Yve Bardwell and Maggie Carr, co-owners of Dropstone Outfitting

Yve Bardwell, Dropstone Outfitting co-owner

Yve Bardwell, Dropstone Outfitting co-owner

What message you would like to share about your business or the economic impact of our public lands?

Our business would not be possible without our public lands. They are one of the greatest things we have done as a nation and a cornerstone of democracy.  As the West changes and commerce evolves public lands and recreation are playing a more crucial role in the economy of rural communities. Our business adds a very pragmatic example that the outdoors are an economic driver in our state and provide stability to small town communities. 


Ryan Palma, owner, Sustainable Lumber Co. 

“I believe having access to all the public lands in Montana creates

a happier and healthier work environment. Everyone involved

in our company loves to spend time exploring and enjoying

the outdoors. The best thing about our company: we all work hard

and play hard!” -Ryan Palma

How long have you been in business? 22 years

How long have you been involved with BFMO? 5 years

Favorite public lands in Montana for adventuring:  Glacier and the lakes from Salmon to Swan

Number of employees: 35 

How do Montana’s public lands impact your business?

I love that we can provide good paying jobs for the people that work for us. This enables everyone to live and stay in Montana so we can all enjoy this great state. Everyone involved in our company loves to spend time exploring and enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s hiking, fishing, skiing, or hunting. The best thing about our company, we all work hard and play hard!

Any other important message you would like to share about your business or the economic impact of our public lands? 

Being in the lumber industry, I truly believe we need to make some changes in forest management. It’s sad to see them burn up every year when we could help by simply managing them better with selective harvesting on Forest Service land. With selective harvesting we are capturing the carbon within those trees, rather than seeing them burn and release the carbon back into the atmosphere during catastrophic wild fires. We love our public lands and simply want to improve them for everyone. 

Our members are diverse in business models and locations across the state, yet we all find common ground in supporting policies that bolster our public lands. Please share any reflections you have as a business owner on why this advocacy is worthwhile.

I believe all sides need to come to the table and talk to each other. Every side has different views on policies, but I truly believe we ultimately want the same thing. So much can be accomplished by simply communicating versus pointing the finger. Public lands are one of Montana’s most treasured commodities, I can’t imagine either side could argue that.

SUSTAINABLE LUMBER COMPANY joins our more than 200 businesses who fuel Montana’s $7.1 billion outdoor recreation industry in advocating for our public lands. Join Business for Montana’s Outdoors here.

Learn more about Sustainable Lumber Company here:

Business website URL:  www.sustainablelumberco.com

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/sustainablelumberco/

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/sustainablelumber/

Member Spotlight:

Dropstone Outfitting

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business 7 years.

 How long have you been involved with BFMO?

We have been involved with BFMO for 2 years.

Please share some of the metrics that matter most to your business.

200 + 

the number of people Dropstone has helped explore the Bob Marshall Wilderness for the first time.


This means the good condition of our public lands infrastructure.  With years of wildfire and poor budgets within the Forest Service, many trails have become inaccessible due to blow-down. This is a major threat to our public lands as trails become harder to use, less people will use them, and the safety of our public lands will be threatened by those pointing fingers to poor management and encouraging transfer to state control, which would ultimately result the sale of our public lands to private entities.

Favorite public lands in Montana for adventuring: 

How could we not pick the 1.5 + million-acre Bob Marshall Wilderness?  

Tell us what your business does and how our public lands fit into your model for success? 

We specialize in stock supported hiking adventures in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness. Our guests trek with only a light day-pack while the rest of the camp gear is mule supported.  Our trips concentrate on what we think makes for exceptional hiking adventure – beautiful vistas, remote locations, and distinctive routes.  

Public lands are the foundation and the very reason our business exists. Our purpose is to provide guided hiking services, helping folks explore the wonders of their public land. This land, which we are proud to be permitted to operate on, allows us to share these wild places and also to make a living in a rural community where job opportunities are limited.  

Some of the ways Dropstone is helping advocate for our public lands and their economic impact:

In 2017 when then-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spearheaded an effort to roll back Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy, the Antiquities Act, and shrink national monuments throughout the West, Dropstone spoke up on behalf of all whose livelihoods depend on public lands. View here.

Co-owner Maggie Carr also spoke at a recent public lands rally in Helena. More here.

Dropstone joins our more than 200 businesses who fuel Montana’s $7.1 billion outdoor recreation industry in advocating for our public lands. Join Business for Montana’s Outdoors here.

Learn more about Dropstone Outfitting at




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